Constitutional Crisis Before I begin to write about the topic, I want to set the stage for what the title means. It doesn’t mean “hyperventilate” or drama. It has a very specific meaning. I am loathed to use Wikipedia for Read more…

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Grooming Habits: Colognes, Perfumes, Deodorant (Seriously)   I’m often hesitant to discuss this as I generally hope most parents have taught their children to properly groom.  However, and unfortunately, this hope seems to be in vain. Do List: Wear deodorant.(347) 346-7485

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Religion vs Atheism: You’re Both Right and You’re Both Wrong   At the risk of inflaming either side, I would like to logically analyze both belief systems as a group.  Yes, I did knowingly choose the term “belief systems”.  It(234) 321-9272

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Embarrassments:  Our Country in Self-Induced Crisis I’ve noticed, as I’m sure everyone reading this blog has as of at least the time of its writing, that our country is suffering a bit overly saturated coverage of our current President’s seemingly912-275-2490

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Arguments: Anatomy and How to Gracefully Win or Lose One   Arguments are simply defined as disagreement between two or more people on a topic, thought, practice, and/or belief. Having an argument with someone, or several someones, does not inherently818-494-8647

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How Many Labels Before It Becomes Wrong?   I’ve always believed in a simple rule: If you have nothing to add to a conversation or discussion, say nothing. That’s why, to date, I haven’t really written anything in the public Read more…

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